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  Coventry Grid Photos - List
  Map of locations (PDF)
 First Grid  Second Grid  Location
More about... 1A  Gary Stocker  Abbas Hameer  City Point Student Accommodation
  Coventry UK City of Culture 1B  Darren Campbell  Sherrie Edgar  Salvation Army, Upper Well Street
  University of Warwick 1C  Darren Campbell  Abbas Hameer  Harrabin Construction, Chapel Street
  Photos & the law (PDF) 1D  Gary Stocker  Muddasir Musse  Study Inn, off Chapel Street
Other Projects... 1E  Prue Evans  Tom Unsworth  Grassed area, Bishop Street
  B4B4HS2 2020 1F  Wali Taylor  James Brown  Car park, Silver Street
 Coventry 2019 1G  Brian Burnett  Wali Taylor  Coventry Transport Museum
  Tate Liverpool 2019 1H  Brian Burnett  Muddasir Musse  Lady Herbert's Gardens
  Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2018 1I  Wali Taylor  Mark Jackson  White Street / Bus Station
  In The Footsteps Of Phyllis 2017 1J  John Timmins  Mark Jackson  Entry ramp, Ringway Swanswell
  Liverpool LOOK/17 Festival 1K  Marina Brodie  Teresa Dolan  Car park under Ringway Whitefriars
  Halifax Grid 2015 2A  Karen Allen  Tom Unsworth  City Village (Downing Students)
  Northern Quarter Grid 2014 2B  Derek Robbins  Graeme Leng-Ward  Belgrade Square
  Eastside Grid 2010 2C  Harper Klaassen  Darren Campbell  Coventry Evening Telegraph Building
  Birmingham Grid 2007 2D  Graeme Leng-Ward  Graeme Leng-Ward  Corporation Street, Study Inn
2E  Graeme Leng-Ward  John Hill  Corporation Street, Philip Larkin Pub
2F  Graeme Leng-Ward  Gary Stocker  Palmer Lane
2G  Brian Burnett  Darren Campbell  Hales Street, near Nisa Building
2H  Brian Burnett  Barry Whitehead  Hales Street, Internet Cafe
2I  John Timmins  Teresa Dolan  Pool Meadow Bus Station
2J  John Timmins  Mark Jackson  Pool Meadow Bus Station
2K  Marina Brodie  Sherrie Edgar  Ford Street, nr Ringway exit slip road
3A  Karen Allen  Gary Stocker  Bond Street, Town Wall Tavern
3B  Afraa Din  Pete Banks  The Belgrade Theatre
3C  Barry Whitehead  Dianne Charles  Corporation Street, opposite Belgrade Sq.
3D  Jackie Hodgson  Sherrie Edgar  West Orchards, behind former Debenhams
3E  John Hill  Georgie Evans  West Orchard Way, behind McDonald's
3F  Wali Taylor  John Hill  Palmer Lane
3G  Simon McCreery  Jon Jones  Trinity Street
3H  Pete Davies  Mark Jackson  Square by BBC Coventry/Warwickshire
3I  Malcolm Veitch  Georgie Evans  Fairfax Street, under Britannia Hotel
3J  Barry Whitehead  Georgie Evans  Fairfax Street / Priory Street junction
3K  Barry Whitehead  Muddasir Musse  Off Fairfax Street, next to Code building
4A  Georgie Evans  Wali Taylor  Hill Street, grassed area opposite church
4B  Simon McCreery  Pete Banks  Corporation Street, near Jaguar pub
4C  Dianne Charles  Abbas Hameer  Greggs, Smithford Way
4D  Afraa Din  Muddasir Musse  Inside West Orchards shopping centre
4E  John Hill  Dave Allen  Cross Cheaping, nr West Orchards entrance
4F  Pete Davies  Wali Taylor  Ironmonger Row
4G  Jackie Hodgson  Tom Unsworth  Priory Gardens / Old Bluecoat School
4H  Harper Klaassen  Wali Taylor  Grassed area, by Priory Undercroft
4I  Pete Davies  Tom Unsworth  Coventry Cathedral, north end
4J  Malcolm Veitch  Jackie Hodgson  Off Priory Street, near Priory Hall
4K  Darren Campbell  Sherrie Edgar  Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre
5A  Nadeem Masters  John Hill  Fleet Street / Corporation Street
5B  Karen Allen  Pete Banks  Lower Precinct shops
5C  Georgie Evans  Dianne Charles  Waterstone's, Smithford Way
5D  Georgie Evans  Wali Taylor  Upper Precinct, M&S, JD Sports
5E  Jackie Hodgson  James Brown  Shops, Upper Precinct / Broadgate
5F  Wali Taylor  Teresa Dolan  Broadgate, Primark
5G  Jackie Hodgson  Karen Allen  Holy Trinity Church
5H  Prue Evans  Karen Allen  Graveyard, Cuckoo Lane
5I  Wali Taylor  James Brown  Coventry Cathedral
5J  Malcolm Veitch  Dave Allen  Priory Building, Uni students union
5K  Prue Evans  Teresa Dolan  George Eliot building, Coventry University
6A  Karen Allen  Sherrie Edgar  Queen Victoria Rd, opposite The Town Crier
6B  Simon McCreery  Pete Banks  Lower Precinct shops
6C  Robyn Allen  Dianne Charles  Market Way (Max Speilmann/Phones4U)
6D  Robyn Allen  Teresa Dolan  The Precinct (Costa Coffee)
6E  Robyn Allen  Graeme Leng-Ward  Shops, Broadgate
6F  Pete Davies  Jackie Hodgson  Broadgate, shops, near Godiva statue
6G  Gagan Bhele  Faraz Merchant  Pepper lane, near parking spaces
6H  Malcolm Veitch  Faraz Merchant  Bayley Lane, near cathedral ruins
6I  Dave Allen  Wali Taylor  Bayley Lane, near Charred Cross
6J  Gagan Bhele  Mark Elwick  University Square, near Herbert Gallery
6K  Gagan Bhele  Gary Stocker  Edible Garden, nr. George Eliot Building
7A  Mark Jackson  Karen Allen  Between car park and Retail Market
7B  John Hill  Jon Jones  Inside Retail Market, north side
7C  Robyn Allen  Tom Unsworth  Market Way (Halifax Bank)
7D  Dave Allen  Wali Taylor  Barracks Way, car park
7E  Graeme Leng-Ward  Teresa Dolan  Hertford Street, shops
7F  Gary Stocker  John Hill  Greyfriars Lane
7G  Marina Brodie  Teresa Dolan  Off High Street, Courtyard pub
7H  John Timmins  Jackie Hodgson  Coventry City Council, Earl Street
7I  Malcolm Veitch  Jackie Hodgson  Saint Mary Street, Drapers Bar
7J  Gagan Bhele  Jon Jones  The Herbert Gallery and Museum
7K  Malcolm Veitch  Lotte Jackson  Off Jordan Well, The Hub
8A  Mark Jackson  Adam Cooke  Rover Road, Iceland
8B  John Hill  Dave Allen  Retail Market, south side
8C  Wali Taylor  Tom Unsworth  Market Way (Tesco)
8D  Derek Robbins  John Hill  Barracks Way, car park
8E  Harper Klaassen  Teresa Dolan  Hertford Street, Poundland
8F  Gary Stocker  John Hill  Car park entrance by Ford's Hospital
8G  Marina Brodie  Tom Unsworth  Salt Lane, car park entrance
8H  John Timmins  Barry Whitehead  Grassed area, Little Park Street
8I  Harper Klaassen  Darren Campbell  Site off Earl Street
8J  Marina Brodie  Lotte Jackson  Much Park Street
8K  Lotte Jackson  Darren Campbell  Richard Crossman Building, Jordan Well
9A  Mark Jackson  Gary Stocker  City Arcade, car park
9B  Darren Campbell  Teresa Dolan  City Arcade
9C  Derek Robbins  John Hill  Shops off Bull Yard
9D  Graeme Leng-Ward  John Hill  The Phoenix, near Methodist Central Hall
9E  Simon McCreery  Carlee Mckeating  Near The Wave, off Warwick Lane
9F  John Timmins  Barry Whitehead  Shrub Walk, by Telephone Exchange
9G  John Timmins  Barry Whitehead  Shrub Walk, near Salt Lane
9H  John Timmins  Barry Whitehead  Magistrates Court / Salt Lane car park
9I  Faraz Merchant  Gary Stocker  Between Court buildings, off St. John's St.
9J  Marina Brodie  John Hill  Much Park St, by Court, grassed area
9K  Faraz Merchant  Gary Stocker  Sir John Laing Building, Much Park Street

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